6 Apr 2017

Filled Health Promotion Graduate Assistant-Lifestyles Center

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Job Description

  1. Duties and Responsibilities


  • Toilet Talk
  1. Organize and lead weekly Toilet Talk committee meetings;
  2. Research, type, edit, photocopy and coordinate the dissemination of Toilet Talk;
  3. Develop a list of student volunteers to post the issues each week;
  4. Post the weekly Toilet Talk issue online each week.
  5. Manage student volunteers and sign documentation


  • Lifestyles Center Blog
  1. Organize and lead weekly blog committee meetings;
  2. Post to the blog once per day (or pre-schedule)
    1. Monday: (mostly) photo recap of weekend events, plus “Mastering Monday” (Read This, Watch This, Do This)
    2. Tuesday: Recipe of the week
    3. Wednesday: Article connecting to topic for class and Toilet Talk
    4. Thursday: Survivor Series article
    5. Friday: Weekend Preview


  • Social media promotion (Lifestyles Center related events, including but not limited to: Open Mic, Outreach, Blog, Toilet Talk, special events)
    • Web Media – Regular Maintenance of web content through the completion of the following:
    • Facebook (www.facebook.com/lifestylescenter)
      • Create Facebook events for Lifestyles Center events,
      • Communicate with Graphic Artist/ Peer Educators to gather photos that can be updated to our Facebook page as needed.
      • Update status approximately once per day when college is in session. Statuses should mirror daily blog posts, The Lifestyles Center events and other campus events. (Use social media guidelines).
      • Post Open Mic schedule at the beginning of each semester. (via Graphic Artist)
    • Twitter (@LSC_Oswego)
      • Update with links to interesting Facebook/web content weekly (includes Toilet Talk updates, event updates, etc.)
      • Retweet pertinent health info/tweets 5-10x weekly
      • Retweet positive @LSC_Oswego mentions daily
      • Respond to @LSC_Mentions daily
    • Marketing Materials
      • Materials will be shared with you via Google Drive from the Graphic Artist. The featured images will be need to be uploaded with corresponding events via Facebook.
      • Messaging must be grammatically correct. If unsure about messaging/content, please see supervisor.
    • Assist with presentation of programs if/when needed;
    • Attend bi-weekly Lifestyles Center staff meetings;
    • Attend weekly supervision meetings;
    • Check phone messages and mailbox daily;
    • Update weekly schedule in Google calendar.


  1. Objectives
    1. Coordinate all social marketing/social media efforts for the Lifestyles Center.
    2. Create blog articles each day (M-F, when classes are in session)
    3. Create Toilet Talk issues each week (Thursdays, when classes are in session)


III.      Supervisory Relationship


The Graduate Assistant reports and is responsible to the Health Promotion Coordinator, Lifestyles Center.


  1. Functional Relationships


Cooperative and effective functional relationships should be developed and maintained with other department members within the Division of Student Affairs, academic departments and other college offices as appropriate to the functions and responsibilities to the tasks and assignments at hand. Inclusion of student leaders and members within SA, SA recognized organizations as well as registered clubs and organizations through Campus Life will be necessary to increase campus awareness and involvement.


  1. Criteria for Evaluation


The supervisor and the holder of this position will discuss subjectively the extent to which departmental objectives and the components of this Performance Program have been adhered to and achieved at the mid-point and end of each semester.  The evaluation reviews will help in determining the willingness and appropriateness of continuing the holder of this position for following semesters.


Consideration will be given to such things as success in carrying out assigned duties and responsibilities, productivity, relationships with subordinates and colleagues, dependability, timeliness, initiative, adaptability and communications. Direct observation of performance by the supervisor, self-report and input from colleagues who have direct contact with the employee will be considered in determining whether the performance has been satisfactory or unsatisfactory.



How to Apply

Please send resume and cover letter to shelly.sloan@oswego.edu

Job Types: Filled. Job expires in Endless.

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