10 Aug 2020

Filled Student Teaching Eligibility Review Job code 114

Curriculum and Instruction – Posted by Sandra KyleAnywhere

Job Description

Department: Curriculum and Instruction

Graduate Assistant for Student Teaching Eligibility Review, Webpage, Listservs and Undergraduate Advisement –

One GA20 Assistant will assist with the review of each student teaching applicant’s eligibility; the assistant will routinely interact with Student Teaching Director as well as the Field Placement Office.  The Graduate Assistant will work with the Advisement Coordinator to review each candidate’s eligibility through in-depth transcript and Degree Works review as well as to maintain the student teaching database.  This assistant will also help to maintain and update the center’s website and online schedulers, to include timely announcements, weekly office hours and links to relevant and reliable resources.  This assistant will help to maintain the department’s advisement listserv, ensuring that advisement information is disseminated to faculty advisors in a timely fashion.  This assistant must have working knowledge and understanding of NY State Teacher Certification requirements as well as SUNY General Education, major degree requirements, and forms and procedures to assist and inform students during advisement and throughout the student teaching academic review.  This assistant will maintain regular advisement office hours and maintain advisement records electronically.

Graduate Assistant will assist:

*first year advisor(s) when no first year peer is available,

*advisees of advisors who are on sabbatical during the year,

*with transition, advisement and referrals for transfer students, and

*department Academic Probation Advisor (set up meetings and help maintain records).

GA will assist to provide an advisory workshop for undergraduate students in the department on topics such as: Using SmartBoards; Common Core/Next Generation Learning Standards; Teacher Certification Exams: edTPA, EAS; Certification Application Process; Using Tk20/Watermark (required SOE electronic portfolio system).

Background: successful completion of an education major through student teaching highly recommended.  Position requires strong office technology and experience.


GA Rules and Privileges

*Position pending final budget approval.

Job Code 114/ GA 10

Job Types: Filled and GA 10. Job expires in Endless.

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