23 Oct 2020

Filled School of Education Tk20 Software Support-Job Code 146

School of Education – Posted by Nicole WiseAnywhere

Job Description

Department hiring: School of Education

Supervisor: Nicole Wise

Supervisor Job Title: Associate Dean for Assessment and Accreditation

Supervisor Email: nicole.wise@oswego.edu

Number of hours per week expected to work: 20

Location the GA will be reporting to work: School of Education-Dean’s Suite 302 Park Hall

Job description and key responsibilities including virtual/remote expectations: Working with the Associate Dean for Assessment and Accreditation and the Data Manager for Assessment to ensure effective and ongoing data collection efforts. Duties include: assisting and responding to questions from faculty, students, and cooperating teachers; conducting training sessions for students; coordinating with offices within the SOE to create data load file that tracks field experiences; assist with auditing assessment activities to ensure completeness; compiling aggregated data reports from Tk20.

Learning outcomes related to the GA’s academic program: Familiarity with assessment systems and protocols, verbal and written communication skills, ability to create data visualization

 Restrictions to the type of student who would be eligible: None 

Behavioral expectations, i.e. preferred communication timeline for a GA to needs to call out sick: Communicate with supervisor if they need to come in early or leave at a specific time. GA’s have a list of tasks that they are expected to complete every shift (e.g.check email account for student/faculty assistance).  If GA needs to call out sick, we establish protocol at the beginning of the semester with our orientation to the position.

Specific information regarding this position: N/A

GA Rules and Privileges

*Position pending final budget approval

JOB Code 146 GA 20

Job Types: Filled and GA 20. Job expires in Endless.

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